Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's raining...

This is my first post in this blog, so i should present myself. I'm 3px, I'm involved in the code development of the project and currently i'm the lead programmer of the game engine. The other components of the RAIN developing team are HappyEmi that is in charge of the levels editor programming and is working with audio too (see previous post) and GS that is the pixel artist of the group.
I take this occasion to post here a short low resolution video of what's current development. As you could see both player and enemies animations are not refined. Also the weapon power and game's items are to be defined. So take this video as a simple introduction on what the game could be.

What do you think of the rain effect during game?

In the next posts we'll introduce the main characters, the story , enemies and what else we want to realease on the game.

See you.

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