Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hi and welcome to RAIN development blog.
Let's start from the beginning: what is RAIN? Well it's basically an old-school steampunk platform game, currently in pre-pre-pre-alpha development stage.
It will feature:
  • Classic 2D scrolling platform game.
  • Steampunk theme.
  • Different playable characters, each one coming with a different skill tree and ability set.
  • A few RPG elements, just to allow players to customize their gameplay.
At present the software is under heavy development and even game design ideas are not written in stone, yet. We have a good 2D engine which we use to test different gameplays and see which one works better; in other words we don't have a real picture of what this game will be once ended.

We are also developing a map editor. It will be part of the distribution and will allow players to create their own levels and stories.

Current dependencies are:
  • Python 2.5
  • pygame (any version should work)
  • wxPython (used by the editor)
  • numpy

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